About Me

I have been writing for years, but only in the last ten has it become important to finish my projects. When you start college in 1968, you get easily distracted by assasinations, riots, wars, drugs, sex, and all the media bombardment. Now my time has come to tell the tale.

My first book, Believable Lies, is a collection of short stories written to reflect patterns in my own life. It is available at both Smashwords and Amazon, and the POD proof copy I just received looks very nice. Like a knucklehead, I sent Createspace the PDF of the .doc I submitted to Smashwords. The text looks great in print, but there are no page numbers. God forbid someone might lose his place and not be able to write the number on his hand. So yes, I'm just like you, a beginner at Indie publishing, or as Joe Konrath says, a Newbie. His blog has helped me get all this started and on track, and I'm sure Smashword author check him out regularly for advice and news.

I have a novel ready, and another right behind it. I am accepting agent queries at this time. Please include your query in the body of the email, and list authors you represent and any awards you have won. Agents not listed in Writers Market should supply additional references. Publishers are encouraged to work through the agent channel. Email first: neilcrab@hotmail.com,