Advice for Authors Requesting Reviews

The response has been very good, and I appreciate all the author requests I've received. It seems like a good idea to post some guidelines. Your review request is not as text-sensitive as a query letter to an agent, but you might want to stop and reconsider before you send me the first thing that pops into your head. Also, I need to set some limit on what I will read. So let me say this:

Don't tell me this is "the worst book you've ever written, but please review it anyway", because right there you have killed any enthusiasm I might have had for the project. Send me your best book, and let's tell people about that. I'm busy every day. I have my own books and career. I'm not your BFF.

Don't expect me to read 1000 pages from someone I've never heard of, who does not have an agent or a book contract in the past. I'm not doing it. The best thing to send is 200-300 pages of something that is either a section of your book or one of a series. Let me explain. The reason your eBook isn't selling is it's too high-priced, and the length scares away potential customers. Break into several eBooks, like FantasySword#1, FantasySword#2, etc. and GIVE THE FIRST ONE OUT FOR FREE. You'll get an audience immediately, and still have four books left to sell. If people like the free one, they'll try the second one for $2.99 or $1.99, but they won't read a sample and then give you $9.99 for one book. Change your plan of attack.

Read other sites, make your own sites, and hook up on Facebook and other places with people in your genre. If you write Erotica, hook up with other Erotica sites. If you write mysteries, check out the Mystery Writers of America website. The Romance Writers of America is one of the largest author groups in the world. Check them out.

That said, I'll do what I can. But if you want a good review, act like it. Think about what you say, and what you want reviewed. Is it strong enough to advance your career. Or is it the worst book you've ever written.
As always, you have to be careful what you wish for. Help me out here. Show me your best side.