Monday, September 13, 2010

Featured Author: Eddie Wright

Eddie Wright was one of the first responders when I put this blog up, and I'm happy to feature him now. Of all the books I've been sent so far, his Broken Bulbs at stands out---way out. When you read David Foster Wallace writing about experimental fiction in his essays like "E Unibus Pluram," where he talks about Robert Coover and Mark Leyner, you can sense the excitement about finding something new.

Eddie agreed to a quick, get acquainted Q&A:

Your book Broken Bulbs is different than anything I've been sent. How do you see it, genre-wise?

I usually call it science fiction though it doesn't really fit comfortably in any genre. Sometimes I say horror. Sometimes I say experimental. I don't really know where it belongs but that's exactly how I like it. I don't care much for comfortable labels. It is what it is.

Who is your target market?

Creative types, people who dig Philip K. Dick, people who dig love stories, people who dig experimental fiction, people who have ever been addicted to anything, Broken Bulbs isn't for everyone but I think anyone can enjoy it if they gave it a shot.

What else have you written, and where is it available?

I've a few stories set within the Broken Bulbs universe that I've featured on my blog I've been threatening to publish a follow-up to Broken Bulbs for like three years but I still have yet to follow through. Right now I'm gearing up to adapt Broken Bulbs into comic book form and it may end up becoming an ongoing series. I think it'd be great in that format.

Do you publish at Amazon and/or POD?

Broken Bulbs is a POD book and it's available through Amazon both in print and on the Kindle.

Who are some writers you recommend?

I'm part of a very cool collective of indie authors called Backword Books and I highly recommend each of their books. One is different from the next. We're a very diverse group.

Are there any similar books to BB?

Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut are the two famous guys that people usually point to. For indie stuff I'd say K.I. Hope's hector and Ginetta Corelli's The Lost Episodes of Beatie Scareli would make a killer triple feature with Broken Bulbs.

Why did you go indie?

There are so many options available to a new writer, especially one who writes off-the-wall stuff. Why wait? If you wanna do it, do it. There are no excuses.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a Broken Bulbs comic book, a follow-up that may or may not be a direct sequel to Broken Bulbs and a young adult horror/scifi/comedy novel about a young blogger.

How do people contact you?

Check out my blog and contact me there. I'm also on Twitter at and I'm on Facebook, My email address is if anyone just wants to say howdy.

Are there other blogs or sites you recommend?

Check out and for lots of advice about doing it indie.

Neil says: Look at Eddie's site at by clicking Broken Bulbs and you'll see not only excellent reviews but two videos, posted by Eddie. This man has connected his Facebook, Twitter and website, he's done readings and posted the videos, and has a presence at in print and Kindle.
This is a true professional, and indie authors need to pay attention.  Look at this Description:

Called "a brilliant and stunningly original work" "Broken Bulbs" tells the story of Frank Fisher and his search for "something." When a mysterious young woman named Bonnie offers assistance by injecting seeds of inspiration directly into his brain, Frank finds himself involved in a twisting mystery full of addiction, desperation, hamsters, a vindictive postal worker, and self-discovery.

At, the reader can set the price he pays for the book. How can you go wrong with that? What this shows to me is, Eddie Wright did not produce Broken Bulbs for a laugh. This is a serious writer, taking chances and doubling down his bet. I recommend this book and writer strongly.


  1. Agreed! Eddie is amazing, and so is this book.

  2. Eddie,

    Just started reading the sample on SW. That is some seriuosly different and good shite man. I'm hooked. BackwordBooks is way cool also. Thanks Neil for posting the interview as I would never have found out about this.