Saturday, May 28, 2011

Promote your book

I'm having everyone post their own reviews and promo at the Facebook page. You can do the 10 questions in Discussions as well. This is a good way to post, Twitter and bring friends in as well.!/pages/Smashwords-Books-Reviewed/159991364017657!/pages/Smashwords-Books-Reviewed/159991364017657

Post, tell your friends, and remember to Like and Share. Your posts will automatically be Twittered.



  1. Great thing about Facebook is we can start with our friends when we want to promote something. And that alone could help us gain more fans. What i also like about facebooks is there iframe html feature that lets you design your own page.

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  4. Great ideas Neil! It doesn't look like you've posted for a while, but I hope things are working for you.

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